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Self-consumption is transforming the current energy model allowing homes and businesses to take advantage of the sun as a free, clean and responsible energy resource.

Shared self-consumption and smart grids will connect different consumers.

Spain is the country in Europe with more hours of sunshine and greater potential for photovoltaic installations.

Believing in clean energy and the possibility for consumers to produce and manage their own energy is the paradigm of the new times.

tentia solar is the tentia division for photovoltaic energy projects

We carry out self-consumption photovoltaic installations and isolated key in hand for individuals and SMEs.

We design projects that fit the needs of our customers.

We help and advise our clients the best solution.

We use top brands.

We are Sonnen Network Partner, one of the world's leading manufacturers of lithium batteries.

We carry out projects of green roofs with solar panels with

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