SME energy management

The industry is the 2nd energy consumer in Catalonia during 2014.

An external energy manager is a technician who can manage the consumption of one or more of a company that is responsible for:

  • The tasks related to the supply and energy consumption of these organizations and especially to carry out actions to promote efficient use and energy saving to adjust consumption.

  • Try to cover it with renewable or cleaner energy.

  • Establish an energy management system that improves the competitiveness of the company and the industrial fabric.

Source: Institut Català d'Energia.

tentia can help to reduce energy costs by 3 ways: 

Reducing energy price : the adjustment of the price of energy depends on its contracting with the sellers
Reducing energy consumption. action plan with energy saving measures based on the best available techniques (BAT), the result of the awareness of users and customers. energy management and regulation actions investing in new technology and also in human resources.
Invest in energy efficiency technologies with guaranteed energy savings contracts through an energy services company.
  • Our Certified Energy Managers (CEM®) are professionals who optimize the energy efficiency of an installation, building or industrial plant.

  • The CEM® is a systems integrator for electrical, mechanical, process and construction infrastructure, which analyzes the optimal solutions to reduce energy consumption with a financial approach.

  • CEM® lead teams and help develop and implement the energy management strategies of organizations of companies that seek to strengthen their competitive position.

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