The Climate chance:

the biggest challenge we face.

The activity of human beings has an increasing influence on climate and temperatures when burning fossil fuels, cutting down rainforests and exploiting cattle.

The huge amounts of gases thus produced are added to those that are released naturally into the atmosphere, increasing the greenhouse effect and global warming.

A good industrial energy management and solar self consumption   implementation, can be a good base for reducing these effects.

Climate change affects all regions of the world. The polar caps are melting and the sea level is rising. In some regions, extreme weather events and flooding are becoming more frequent, and in others there are heat waves and droughts.


Its consequences are likely to intensify in the coming decades.

The EU has proposed several "Horizon" packages of climate change and energy measures with very ambitious objectives.

The XXI Climate Change Conference (COP 21) closed a global agreement to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions:

  • Maintain the global average temperature increase well below 2 ° C with respect to pre-industrial levels, and continue efforts to limit that increase to 1.5 ° C,

  • Increase the capacity to adapt to the adverse effects of climate change and promote climate resilience and development with low greenhouse gas emissions, in a way that does not compromise food production;

  • Raise financial flows to a level compatible with a trajectory that leads to climate-resilient development and low greenhouse gas emissions.

The XXIV Conference on Climate Change (COP24):

  • RULE BOOK - Action protocol

    • Common rules of the game.

    • Transparency.

    • Market Mechanisms

    • Financing.

    • Increase ambition

  • DIALOGUE OF TALANOA - Search for more ambitious commitments to 2020.



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