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tentia we are suppliers of energy services (ESCo) to the "Direcció General d'Energia, Mines i Seguretat Industrial" of the Generalitat of Catalonia and the Spanish Ministry of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda.

We carry out energy projects and manage their financing and installation for small and medium enterprises.

  •  Energy service: benefit derived from the combination of an energy with an efficient technology, based on a contract that achieves an improvement in verifiable and measurable energy efficiency, and a primary energy saving.

  • Energy services company (ESCo): natural or legal person that provides energy services or improvement of energy efficiency in a user's premises or premises. The payment of the services provided will be based (in part or totally) on obtaining improvements in energy efficiency and on compliance with the other agreed performance requirements. 

Tentia can help reduce energy costs in three ways:

Rebajando el precio de la energía.
Reduciendo el consumo energético.
Inversión en tecnologías eficientes.

Realizamos financiación de proyectos de eficiencia energética y renovables con


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