EV charge

An electric vehicle is powered by an electric motor powered by an electric battery, which is charged from a domestic power grid or from a public or private charging station.

The implementation of the electric vehicle presents a series of advantages and opportunities for the development of sustainable mobility, since it reduces dependence on petroleum products, improves air quality in our cities, and also reduces the emission of gases Greenhouse.

Depending on the type of recharge, you can differentiate:

  • Linked charge: it is the simplest option but at the same time the slowest and consists of a 220V plug with a current between 10A-16A, with a configuration compiled to the basic regulations. To fully recharge the battery of a vehicle that is usually about 20 kWh capacity, it is necessary that the vehicle is plugged in between 6-8h.

  • Semi-fast charge: allows you to recharge the vehicle in about 3 hours completely and use a current power of between 7.5 kW, up to 20 kW. It is associated mainly to provide coverage to the charging stations to the tertiary sector (leisure centers, hospitals or shopping centers).

  • Quick charge: allows you to recharge 80% of the battery in about 20 minutes. It offers the recharge in direct current to 50 kW, and alternates 43 kW. Its proper location is on fast roads or near them, since the time that a vehicle will be parked at most corresponds to a rest stop, around 25 minutes.

Every electric vehicle must have a linked recharge available where it remains parked most of the time, so that it is recharged overnight. These points do not require a complex installation and are normally normal recharge, although a semi-fast installation can also be installed.

Apart from the linked charging point, there is also a whole network of public access electrolineras, which allows to increase the autonomy of the vehicles and thus be able to lengthen the route.

The Generalitat de Catalunya through the Catalan Energy Institute (ICAEN) promotes the PIRVEC plan to promote the deployment of the recharging infrastructure for the electric vehicle in Catalonia, guarantee energy supply to citizens and companies that are committed to clean mobility and efficient throughout the territory, and expand the availability of charging stations and their interoperability.

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